Case Study: Perfect Network Inc.

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Project Description


The client finished their main project. However, they needed to increase the digital footprint. The client wanted to increase the reputation of their company, have a place to offer their services and also have a place to talk about the finished and upcoming projects. Lastly, they wanted to have their new presence done in the English language to penetrate on the US market.


We conducted multiple 1-1 meetings with the client to understand their business model. We asked questions and guided the client to come up with their business goals. It was important to understand what are the needs and current pain points that the client is facing. We discussed the scope of the work and the budget they have available to draft possible solutions to address their challenges.


Considering that the client didn’t have a web presence at all, we recommended that in the first phase, the client should have a new website built in the English language and optimized for the web search. Using the website platform, the client is able to introduce the company to the US market, share services, and present their current portfolio of completed projects. Special attention was given to the custom website design to convey their mission and vision of their company.

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The content expressed on clients websites are not the opinions of Comenium Consulting. Once the website is completed, all its parts and content is managed by the client. It is not guaranteed that the current status of the website and its content is error-free, free from viruses or other harmful components, or up-to-date, or otherwise reliable.

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