Case Study: CzechChurch in California

New website design and development of Non-Profit Organization

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Project Description


Our client, a non-profit organization, was facing multiple challenges. They were experiencing a decline in their membership and needed to improve their communication with a younger audience.  They were communicating via mail with their older audience but were looking for ways how they can enter the digital age.


We met several times with the client to explore their needs. They have a monthly magazine that they were mailing out to their membership and were organizing various events. We explored the possible ways how to reach out better to their audience based on their available budget and personnel.


We suggested modernizing their processes of communication by creating a website and various social media accounts so they can promote their material and events. The newspaper has been digitized and published in a PDF form. New email addresses and website form were created as well. We recommended creating a new social media manager position that would leverage the system integration among the platform to post on all of them with one click. As a result, they improved their outreach to a younger audience and in the same time, due to the platform integration,  saved their valuable time and resources and could focus on what they know the best – serving their community.

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