Case Study: CrossFit Scranton

Redesign of CrossFit Scranton Website

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Project Description


CrossFit Scranton was dealing with multiple challenges. They moved their gym to a new location. They also introduced new services to their members. Lastly, they hired new coaches.  However, they needed to communicate to their current members and prospective members how awesome they are so they can keep the subscription numbers growing so they can continue to operate and improve what they love to do.


Our team discussed the challenges with the CrossFit Scranton management. We reviewed their current marketing efforts on how they reach their members and prospective clients. We considered multiple ways how we could help CrossFit Scranton so they can get better recognition for what they do.


To address the challenges for Crossfit Scranton, we recommended to redesign their current website from the bottom up and consolidate their various services under one umbrella. The new website has been graphically redesigned and the website code optimized for the online search. Thus, new customers have an easier way to find the gym. New content presents their coaches and the new location as well. To make the content more alive, an Instagram and other social media are incorporated into the website. Lastly, new branded email addresses and website forms are added to ensure that current and prospective clients have an easy way to reach out to the management.

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